(un)Conventional Wisdom

(un)conventional wisdom.png

I should be packing.

Tomorrow, I fly to New York City where I will meet up with my children and a few of the truly awesome people I’ve met through blogging. The internet really is amazing, isn’t it?

On Friday, I’ll be speaking at a Q Focus event called Women and Calling (it’s sold out, but you can stream it live and watch it in your pajamas!).

Remember how I took 31 days off from blogging? Have you noticed my slow return to this space? Yeah. I know. There was a day when my absence from this space would have freaked me out, even if no one else noticed I was missing.

If you are a blogger, you know there’s a lot of blogging wisdom that begins with words like these: “Always do this…” or “Never do that…” or “Write like this…” or “Never write about that…” or “You should post at least X times each week…” or…well…you know how it goes. Taking 31 days off has never made any list I’ve ever read.

Some people thought God would reveal an amazing Truth to me in those 31 days off. Maybe he did. I can’t be sure. We’ll see, right?

Just a few days before the end of my 31 days off, I headed downstairs to watch something on television. H and I had eaten dinner, and we’d had a fun conversation about something I can’t remember. I didn’t have a blog post to write, or link, or prep. In fact, I had an entire evening of nothing to do and on my way down the steps, I called over my shoulder to H, “Taking 31 days off from blogging is one of the best things God has ever told me to do!”

Those words were barely out of my mouth when I noticed a message in my inbox. I clicked on it and found a message inviting me to speak this Friday afternoon about…you guessed it…rest.

“I’m fascinated by you taking Oct ‘off’ from your blog and I’m wondering if you might be willing to share on the topic of REST within calling,” the messenger said.

So here’s what I know right now. God has a plan for each one of us. He’s not concerned about what the experts may say. He is the expert, and when we find a way to trust him, he always comes through. Always.

Has God been suggesting something to you that seems unconventional? What if you went ahead and gave it a try?