Friends For Life (What I Learned About Friendship From A Bunch Of Guys)


My husband has friends he’s known since preschool. Real friends. A couple of them are friends on Facebook, too. But most of them say things like, “I don’t have time for Facebook.” They don’t really care about Twitter or Instagram, and don’t even mention Pinterest to them.

They stare blankly and listen politely when it comes to social media, because they prefer a phone call to a status update any day.

Last weekend, my husband and I drove 800 miles each way to spend the weekend with the crew. That’s what these guys do. Whenever one of them has a life event, the rest of them move mountains to be right by their side. This time around, one of the guys was celebrating the graduation of his youngest child from high school. Not everyone makes it every time. But if one of the guys can’t be there in person, he makes a phone call to let his presence be known. (Maybe someone should tell these guys about Skype.)

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