What Ferguson Taught Us


Since coming home from Ferguson, and with everything we learned there, and everything we’ve been trying to unravel since we made our way home, we have slowly been building words together, and piling them up like an Ebenezer. We aren’t the same people we were when we left home and boarded flights to Missouri.

Over time, we may add more words, but those words may never see the backlight of a computer screen.

I went to Ferguson for one of two reasons: either, 1) the Holy Spirit compelled me, or, 2) I have lost my mind. But then, there’s a third option—a third way, if you will—and that may be some combination of the two. It may be that God’s ways look like craziness in the middle of what we’ve deemed ordinary and right and the way things should be. All I know for sure is that I needed to go, and, now that I’ve gone, I know more than ever, I needed to go.

The High Calling has graciously created a space for the words we’ve been building. They have set aside a clearing for our Ebenezer. If you’d like to read the words, you are welcome to join us over there.


When Going There Means Going There

One thing I need to say about the Going There conversation is this: it's a conversation I haven't mastered. I don't always get it. Like the rest of us, I'm learning as I go. The other day, I said I would try to answer this question I offered to you: “I see what’s happening in Ferguson. I don’t … [Continue reading...]

#GoingThere: What You Can Do

To say I'm surprised by the recent response to the #GoingThere conversation would be an understatement. I am grateful to you all. It seems as if the #GoingThere conversation is here to stay for a while, and so I'm going to accept that for what it is and continue to make this  a safe place for … [Continue reading...]

Why We’ve Got to Go There

Strike that. I was going to start this with three words: "I'm sorry, but..." So, strike that. By now, I hope you know me. I hope you know my sincere desire not to offend, but to not let up on calling the Church to tear down walls and erase the incessant lines we keep building and drawing to … [Continue reading...]