What to Do with Accidental Fine People


Recently, I had a revelation and thought I should probably share it with you, because you’re the type of people who care about community.

You understand the importance of doing life together and bearing one another’s burdens. You are invested in each person playing her part in the body of Christ, as we work together toward the kingdom of God. And you value relationships and authenticity. We all do, don’t we?

Come find me today, over at incourage, and join the conversation in the comments.

The Art of Blogging: Sides


I doubt I will ever be one of those people with a five year plan. If you're one of those people, know that I hold you in high esteem. We need you. I need you. What I am, is an ideator. Not only am I an ideator, but I am spontaneous with my ideas. They pop into my mind and, before I know it, I've got … [Continue reading...]

The Art of Blogging: Interlude


Have you ever seen snow geese? I once had a coworker whose husband was an avid hunter and park ranger, employed by the government and working at one of our state's national parks. I learned a lot from that coworker and her park ranger husband. This coworker is the same woman who suggested I consider … [Continue reading...]

The Art of Blogging: Bedrock


"You can't help but tell your story." H says that all the time, and I have grown to agree with the sentiment. No matter who you are, your story is going to show through. You've seen it in others, I'm sure. Sometimes, you can tell a person's story, even when they're sure they've hidden it from you. … [Continue reading...]