JumpingTandem: A Launch Day Story


For years, people have asked me about the name of my blog, JumpingTandem. I’ve told the story at different conferences and retreats, and at TEDx Lincoln, and I’ve shared the story with friends when they’ve asked me. I haven’t been trying to keep the story secret, I just never felt as if it was the right time to write it down. In fact, I didn’t even include the story in the first draft of the book! But, my editor knew the story, and she suggested we include it in the book. So, the story is there, on the very first pages of my new book which officially launches today, Every Little Thing: Making a World of Difference Right Where You Are.

I don’t know if you’ve ever jumped out of an airplane, or ridden a roller coaster, or swum with the dolphins. But, I imagine you’ve faced some situations in life that have pushed you to the very edges of your faith or your confidence or your will to go on. Me too. And, on top of that, I would guess you’ve wondered if this life you’re living is making a difference in this world for good, or for God. I’ve wondered that about my life, that’s for sure. Consider these words, from the book’s Introduction:

Most of us will make a difference in this world, but not because of some grand or large-scale initiative. No, most of us will change our corner of the world and make an impact that stands the test of time through the small and seemingly insignificant (to us) interactions and choices and decisions and conversations of our average days. We make a difference where we live, and incrementally, that place begins to shift. But the first and most important shift takes place on the inside, in all those places that rise up within, making you point to your heart, look over your shoulder, and then mouth the words, “Who? Me?”

This book is your invitation to celebrate that journey.

elt michelleI don’t know exactly where you are on your journey. And, I can’t say where this book might meet you, as you go. What I know is that I needed the message of the book. I needed to know my ordinary means the world to God. I needed to be reminded about the way he looks at me. I needed to laugh and to cry and to nod my head, “yes” to the truth that God loves bigger than we can ever imagine. And, I needed to know my life is worth celebrating, exactly the way it is.

What I hope you discover is the way your everyday, ordinary, wonderful life is changing the world, right where your feet are planted. I hope you find your breath again. I hope you embrace the mystery of the wilderness. I pray you’ll take that one step, out of the darkness of the cave, and into the adventure of a lifetime.

Read the Foreword, and the full Introduction, here. Then, buy the book online, or at your local LifeWay, Barnes and Noble, or neighborhood bookstore.


In honor of Launch Day, I’ve been invited to be a guest today at The Art of Simple, hosted by my friend, Tsh Oxendreider. Tsh is the found of The Art of Simple, and author of Notes from a Blue Bike: The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World. Come on over, and let’s talk about The Transformative Power of Small Change. While you’re there, enter to a free copy of Every Little Thing!

And, finally, I’m pleased to announce the winners of the ViBella bracelets for #EveryLittleThing are Amy Hunt and Tina Evans! Congratulations! I’ll be in touch, soon!

Feature image by kaktuslampan. Used with permission. Image of books by Michelle DeRusha.

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